Electronic Arts continues to push women into the background

Considering that films which pass the Bechdel Test actually make more money, why have video game manufacturers not yet grokked the implications of this?

EA Careers page

Despite being the parent company of BioWare, a company renowned for its inclusive character designs and storylines, Electronic Arts apparently still hasn’t copped on to the fact that women like to play video games.  Yes, even – and in many cases, especially – science fiction/fantasy and action-based games.

As a prior Marine, I personally LOVE to blow sh** up.  As a geek, being immersed in a world populated by magic, dragons, and swords is absolutely one of my favourite pastimes.  I’ll soon be diving into the Mass Effect franchise for the first time; I’m all about spaceships.

Have I mentioned here that I used to work at Industrial Light + Magic, George Lucas’s special effects company?  Indeed, I’ve worked on – an am even in, way back in a crowd scene, about the size of a single pixel – one of the Star Wars movies.  While my work history may be somewhat unique, my passion for geekery is not.   Continue reading “Electronic Arts continues to push women into the background”