The DiRT on Prismatic

Good afternoon, gentle reader.

In today’s edition of What Are You Studying?* we have a product review. Gone are the days when, as a travel blogger, I would be paid to review products and services. No, today it’s all about expanding one’s horizons and participating in the larger digital humanities community.

*In my mind, I am living a version of  The Truman Show – everything that happens is entertainment!

Digital Research Tools website logo

With that in mind, I’d like to introduce you to DiRT. That is, Digital Research Tools, a website that aggregates information for digital humanities researchers. It’s crowd-sourced, so is by no means a comprehensive listing. It is still a nice resource.

My assignment, which will undoubtedly self-destruct the moment you finish reading it, is to write a review of a product suitable for addition to DiRT. And, if the tool is not already listed, add it to such. Since Prismatic was not listed prior to my meddling interference, I got to do just that. …hmm. I need to find better ways to be evil.

To arms! or What is Prismatic?

I hope plagiarising from oneself is acceptable, because I’m going to quote my DiRT listing. Prismatic is a “...content curation and topic discovery website based primarily on publishers the user follows through social media. Upon signing up, users are asked to select a number of topics that fall within their fields of interest.” Essentially, you tell it what you like, and it shows you links to articles and videos that it (the site algorithm, that is) calculates you will enjoy. The website, AllThingsD, refers to it as a “personal interest graph.” Continue reading “The DiRT on Prismatic”