Jaden Smith Dons A Little Black Dress. Does That Make You Uncomfortable? Why?

Calling out your gender bias, Jaden-style.


Last week, 16-year-old Jaden Smith stepped out in Calabasas, California, wearing a little black dress over jean shorts, a netted top, leopard print socks and Nikes, reports Yahoo News.

On Tuesday, the son of Jada Pinkett-Smith and Will Smith, and brother of Willow Smith, posted a photo of himself on the Gram, with the caption:

“Went To TopShop To Buy Some Girl Clothes, I Mean ‘Clothes.’”

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Redneck urges ‘white racial responsibility’ – and it’s brilliant

Just found this in a post titled “Redneck’s” viral video calls for whites to post their own “white racial responsibility” videos. Damn. It’s brilliant. Never thought I’d be so proud of a redneck from my country. Brought tears to my eyes.

Hope for humanity: cranked up about 10 notches.

Transcription: more fun than video games

Screenshot of letter selection options on Letters of 1916 website.

I recently took part in the crowdsourced historical project, “Letters of 1916“, in which volunteers transcribe letters and documents from around the time of Ireland’s famous Easter Rising. The letters are from both institutions and private collections in Ireland and abroad. It is said to be the first public humanities project in Ireland. Continue reading “Transcription: more fun than video games”