Support Artists, Stop Thieves

Want to support artists and creators? Stop thieves from stealing their work.
Please stop sharing Facebook videos by pages like UNILAD. They are egregious copyright violators and do a lot of damage to content creators by depriving them of views and income.


The above video has, at the time of this writing, nearly 30 million views on Facebook. In contrast, the video posted by creators “Tom and Hubert” on YouTube has a mere 300K views. Think what legal sharing on a popular page like UNILAD could have done for the artists. Instead, all it does is feed the data harvesting machine that is likely behind that and similar content theft pages.

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White, Male Privilege Illustrated

Swedish artist, Emanu, published a cartoon that perfectly illustrates white, male privilege. You can probably throw straight and cisgendered into the mix, as well.



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